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Un de nos sites favoris au sujet des trains miniatures Märklin est le forum de discussion "Marklin-Users.Net". Voici quelques sujets que nous avons envoyés :

One of our favourite Märklin model railroad website is the "Marklin-Users.Net" discussion forum. Here are some topics that we have posted there :


For Rio Grande narrow gauge fans !

50 % discount ... So I have bought a Mikado !

HO :

American car conversions

Another Big Boy !

BRAWA US locomotives DC to AC conversions

Dual AC and DC operations on K-tracks

Electrotren Beer Cars

First pictures of dummy CP Rail GP40-2 !

First test of my BRAWA Santa-Fe GP30

The "F7 feeling"

Intermountain Grain Cars

Kadee couplers for GG-1

The kind of locomotives Märklin should produce

K-Track turnouts to match American prototypes

Mehano SNCB-NMBS Class 77 (pictures)

My first starter set !

New C-Track turnouts ?

Our DCC Locomotive Fleet

Pictures : Belgian Taste !

Pictures of CP Rail EMD GP40-2

Proto 2000 USRA 0-8-0 to be converted

Question about Märklin's GG-1

Rapido Trains

Rapido Trains Passenger Cars

US Streamliners length

What will be next GG-1 ?

Wheels for LS Models passenger cars (pictures !)

Which catenary for GG-1's ?


Converting a BUDD RDC

User friendly multiple unit control


Floquil Flat Finish spray can

Pictures of United Trucking Transfer Terminal

Pictures of weathered American cars

Weathered Belgian Cars (pictures)


American Steam Locomotive Washrack

Converting Walthers 90' turntable

Branchline Trains Pullman Heavyweight 12-1 Sleeper

DPM Buildings and Modular Building System

Faller Building Kits

HO building lightning with optical fibers

HO Wooden Water Tower

IHC Greenhouse

Menomonee Falls Station

New Haven Junction, Vermont, Station

Roundhouse accessories

Vonêche Station, Belgium!

Walthers-Cornerstore Concrete Coaling Tower

Walthers-Cornerstore Milwaukee Beer & Ale Brewery

Walthers-Cornerstore Roundhouse


Actual Scenery !

... Cannot resist to a so nice picture !

For all my flying friends of this forum !

For the Swiss railfans

For you Mr. Black !

GG-1 in operation !

High winds in Montreal ... This is the result

How many locomotives and where ?

Interesting structure

A layout idea !

Montreal commuter trains

A museum that worths a visit ...

My train picture gallery

Ore dock

"Special Passenger" cars !

Steam or diesel ?

Two GG-1's in John Black's State

Typical Scene in Texas !

VIA Rail Canada's F40PH prototype # 6400

World Train Speed Record !


A380 at Montreal !

Aerosalon 2007 - Saint-Hubert Airport

The Railway Children


PierreGILLARD - Christmas Carpet Layout 2005

Pierre & Louise - Christmas Carpet Layout 2006

Pierre & Louise - Christmas Carpet Layout 2007

Pierre & Louise - Christmas Carpet Layout 2008

PierreGILLARD - Engine Servicing Area Layout Module


Any experience in frozen lakes ?

Interesting scenery books



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